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Diving deeper into Jesus' Sacrifice.

In my book, I say that: “Jesus Christ came into the world to show the way of the positive in its purest form. He went to great lengths to teach and show the ways of love & understanding for others, even in death.” This is an absolute truth, but it still doesn’t explain the core of why he died.

It is said that Jesus Christ died for our sins, but what exactly does that mean? In a way, we might say that “our sins” led him to his death, which is true, but this explains little. Others will say that Jesus died to carry and atone for “our sins,” which seems rather convenient. Unfortunately for some, this is not true, no one soul can or should carry the “sins” of the world. Each soul is responsible for itself, it will bear the weight of cause and effect for good or ill. Some loving souls may come to help in our process but not to take the burden of responsibility from us, and certainly not for a whole planet.

The Self-aware entity, which in this case is men, knows and understands pain and suffering all too well. So sacrificing oneself for others comes as a familiar language very close to our hearts. Jesus Christ did die for us, and his sacrifice did inspire many over the millennia to come. However, the final message may have been misunderstood by many. There will be plenty of people who do you “wrong” in this life, but how many of you find true forgiveness within yourselves? Jesus came to show forgiveness in its highest form. Not only did he have true forgiveness in his heart, but he pleaded forgiveness for others when he said: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

On the other hand, this familiarity can often become distorted as we think to use it as coin, sacrificing ourselves and others. This can come to express itself in many forms, from mild to extremely dark. This is not a proper state of mind for those who wish to travel in goodness, and I hope we come to overcome this form of thinking.

Self-sacrifice is an expression of love very close to the heart of the self-aware. I understand them and they are close to my heart too. Notwithstanding, I urge you all to come to recognize other expressions of love. How precious is the act of one who imparts a piece of wisdom that aims to move you forward, to move beyond the limits of one's mind? How precious is that? We often fail to recognize them, but they are precious indeed.


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