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The Book and The Process

I never really wanted to write about anything. However, hints were given in a way that ultimately led me to it. The first one was in Ranchi, India. My roommate approached me and said I should write, at the very least, about my story, but I felt no need or want to write about anything, so I dismissed it. The second one came through a mystic who said I should write whatever comes in a notebook. At the time, I felt somewhat annoyed by the statement, but she said:


"Listen. I'm not saying this because I suddenly felt like it. There is a lot that still remains unsaid. Just write what comes to you in whatever way or form."


I started doing so, although somewhat reluctantly. At a certain point, I realized that what I was writing lacked context. As such, I decided to write a brief bio of the journey that led me here. With such an act came the first outlines of what appeared to be a book. Looking back, it's curious to see how specific themes unraveled as I was writing pertinent segments of my life. This would make up Part I of a three-part book:


The Life and Spiritual Journey of No One


Part I - My Life and Journey

Part II - The Spiritual Diet

Part III - Understanding


Part II of this book comes from acknowledging that each individual is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all. There are indeed generalizations that can be made in this path, but the "spiritual diet" should be unique and adaptable. As such, this part portrays subjects/practices related to our physical bodies. How they may affect our spiritual and material lives, and how we should see and use them for our specific needs and circumstances.

Part III of this book sprung from Memory in so many ways. It relates to the mental aspect of our being. How our thoughts and perceptions come to obstruct our lives, spiritually or otherwise. Things like our concept of God, the nature of our world, and the meaning of life, amongst other things. These subjects obstructed me also, but they came to reveal themselves. In this part, I strived to untangle the knot of misconceptions through the scriptural wisdom given to India. I came to acknowledge my connection with this wisdom to Truth and try to unravel and explain these concepts in the simplest way possible.


After a certain point, all three parts of this book began to unravel simultaneously. Bits and pieces coming together like parts of a puzzle that fit just right. In that process, I also came to realize that certain things should be conveyed differently. Over-explaining things might be counterproductive, but saying too little might be dangerous too. Hopefully, some balance has been struck between the two, but only time will tell.

Image by Gabriel Crismariu
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