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Helping in Stages

01 Active

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Stage 1

I will answer questions from those who decided to reach out via e-mail, but for those readers who chose to do just that, I want to clarify a few things.

  • I've heard, on occasion, Q&A sessions led by a few "masters." When doing so, I always got the impression that they would always have the answer to the most impossible questions. I might be mistaken, but I believe there is incredible resistance to saying: "I don't know." I don't know everything. It blows my mind to think about the things I still don't know, but I do know what is written in this book, and maybe just a little bit more.

  • I don't mind answering questions if they are put in a positive way, but before doing so, get yourself more involved in the process. What I mean is this: a certain level of involvement is necessary to make the process of learning/teaching more successful and rewarding. Immerse yourself in your questions; share your thoughts and feelings. There is no judgment here, no real "right" or "wrong." In the end, what is truly important is whether this interaction helps you or not.

 2º I will also receive as visitors those who feel the need to make a more personal connection. My ability to do so is limited. I will always strive not to disturb the natural order of the household. So prior arrangements would have to be made to set up an adequate time and date. 

02 Inactive

Image by Rowen Smith

Stage 2

 1º If "life" allows it, at a certain point in time, I will get to live in a home where I'll be able to receive a guest. At this point, I will grant the possibility of making donations to those I receive as guests. Expecting things to work out in a certain way is an improper way of being. As such, I will only receive one guest per month and only for a few days. This is something I can afford without relying solely on the generosity of others. Striving to do too much has a tendency to backfire, so it seems wise to act this way. On the other hand, it is better to help a few from time to time than none at all. Guests will come to share in my household routine,  two meals a day and one period of meditative practice, which will work out in a very particular way.

2º I will continue to receive visitors in whatever measure I can, just like in Stage 1.

3º I will continue to answer the questions of those who post them via e-mail, although my ability to do so will diminish somewhat.

Note: I will always reassess from time to time, acting in accordance with the results and circumstances.

03 Inactive

Image by Jared Rice

Stage 3

1º If the Universe sees fit to arrange it, in time, there will be a place with the outlines of an Ashram. Here we will have our own little routine, advocating a simpler lifestyle to which guests are welcome to adhere. Visitors may come to lectures, group Q&A, or for some more personal interactions.

Notes: At this point in time I will be unable to answer questions via email about the book or any related subject. There could be someone specially assigned to that task but in my mind it would make no sense to have one answer questions about a book other than the one who wrote it. Like in the previous stage, I will constantly strive to reassess, acting according to results and circumstances.

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