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Author Brief Bio

R J Fidalgo Author Photo

All through my life, I always wanted to help others but I was always unsure of how to go about it. This led me to be all over the place in my teens. What was I to do? Under the influence of my father, I was enrolled to become a computer engineer, but after a rocky first year, I came to change fields and college. In Biological Engineering (field of food) things went a lot more smoothly. I came to work as an assistant science researcher, quality manager, teacher, and consultant. However, at a certain point, I decided to change fields and embark on the world of Fitness and Nutrition by becoming an instructor/personal trainer. I strove to help others through proper food and exercise but these forms of help always seemed to lack something, much like everything else. After some years I stopped working for others and began to live a simpler life which ultimately led me here, to this book. My academic and professional background always gave me a scientific perspective on all experiences which is portrayed to a higher or lesser degree in what I write. Now concerning my spiritual credentials, I like to say that that is the story of my life, or of many. That is also why I give a brief bio in my book. To summarize this in one or two paragraphs would be impossible.

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