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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Why are there so many differences between religions?

Before trying to explain the best way I can, I would like to exclude the scriptural texts given to India. They were an exceptionally rare gift to humanity, and I hope and believe "India" knows and understands it to be so. In a sense, all scriptures of light are gifts, but the Hindu scriptures have a different depth.

Now to adequately explain these differences, I will resort to a metaphor:

The wheat that grows here and on the other side of the world might be called differently due to language, but it's wheat nonetheless. It comes to serve the same purpose. What does happen is that the soil might come to have different qualities that the plant will come to express, but what's planted is essentially the same.

It is both sad and curious to witness ourselves engaged in a tug of war, constantly pulling on opposite ends of a rope. What we fail to understand is that what is given in each and every one of these different religions is intended to pull us toward the very same side.


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