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Why is it So Difficult to Change? Why do we Struggle So Much to Change Ourselves?

I’ve come to realize that this holds true for most. I like to say that we seem to find comfort in our own discomfort. Most will come to acknowledge that change is in their own best interest. However, despite any outward expression of want, inwardly they are in a constant state of fighting the process, which will ultimately lead nowhere.

I am somewhat of an exception. I always saw change as a checklist of things to do. Is this good? Is this right? Yes, then check. However, even with such a predisposition change will not be an easy endeavor. The more persistent thoughts will demand more effort on your part. Many a time I forced myself to think and act in a certain way which over a period of one or two years led things to flow naturally. Some thoughts will be more persistent than others, but if you’re constantly fighting the process of change, you’ll be in a perpetual state of restarting. Know that you are not alone in this process. The divine will come to your aid if you are truly earnest about it.

I will refer to a metaphysical experience that I came to understand a little later in life. In my book, I speak of the perception of something frying my spiritual center (spiritual eye). That I could literally feel it, hear it. However, what I failed to realize at the time was that this was just a projection of something that was happening within, at the Heart (chakra). The pure Light of the One was burning out something that was not supposed to be there, and what I felt was just an expression of it. Some spiritual techniques and practices can aid in this process, but my point is that if you stay true to this process of change you will eventually come to succeed.


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