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HELL. Understanding the concept.

Hell. It’s not what you think. The concept of hell is prevalent in various religions and holds significant theological and spiritual implications. Found in belief systems around the world, hell is often portrayed as a realm of punishment or suffering for those who have committed wrongdoings or failed to adhere to religious principles. While the specific details and interpretations vary among different religions, the concept of hell generally serves as a moral and spiritual deterrent, highlighting the consequences of immoral actions and the importance of righteousness. The general concept of hell is full of misconceptions and it serves to inspire fear, which may come to do more harm than good. I will try to explain in steps, as best I can.

Firstly: All souls long to return Home. We might not think it to be so due to our entanglements in life, but this is true for all. Consciousness, in a general sense, sleeps in creation, but as it starts to awaken it begins to move at a certain pace to return from whence it came.

Secondly: God is not judging you. There is no almighty personality of God pointing the finger at you. In a way, you are judging yourself, which I believe to be worse than the former. This is a somewhat automatic process, that involves a multitude of variables in the process. A particular soul may come to be placed in a hellish circumstance if it's unable to atone for whatever deed in the next life. This brings us to the next point.

Thirdly: Hell is not a realm created to inflict suffering. Understand that the Universe is not set on punishing you. In a sense, there is no literal hell. Rather, specific nightmarish circumstances are tailor-made for the benefit of the soul. The purpose is to provide an environment where the soul can learn and atone for its actions. Time flows differently in this place, which will come to benefit the soul in question.

What I’ve stated is a general truth, and like so many other things there are exceptions. Four lifetimes ago, I became enmeshed in various grades of darkness. I was able to escape it, but I ultimately died in the process. I could have been placed in a nightmarish situation of my own, but due to a few very particular reasons, I was able to atone for it in two and a half lifetimes.

Finally: A soul can only evolve through expressions of life. These nightmarish situations come into play to save “time”, and ensure that the soul learns and atones. While certain deeds may be atoned for within a lifetime, the process of learning may extend beyond a single existence, which will come to hinder that particular soul in its process.

This concept of hell is somewhat different from those given by the various religions, but I think we can all agree that it’s a rather unpleasant circumstance to be in.


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